What is the Schoolgirl App?NigerianScreenShot

In 2014, a terrorist organization called Boko Haram broke into a girls school in Nigeria and kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls.

What if this happened to your friend or your daughter or son?

Or what if this happened to you?

Would you like to wait in fear for a moment when you could try to figure out where you are and try to enter a text message without being caught by your kidnapper?

What if you had an app that would let you do that easily without even looking at your phone from under a table or within your pocket?



How can This be a Game?

Other nations coming soon!

Other nations coming soon!

The more you enjoy this app, the better you will handle a real emergency.

  1. Get together with other friends who have this app on their phones–friends who you can make a pact with to protect each other.
  2. Exchange phone numbers and enter all the “Setup” information and “Phones”.  Test each number to make sure it can receive your texts.
  3. Pick two people in the group:  a kidnapper and a victim.
  4. Now, let the “kidnapper” take the “victim” to a mystery place–such as a coffee shop or a library.
  5. Give them five or ten minutes and let everyone else scatter to random locations for about five or ten minutes.
  6. Let the victim send a message–Press “Get Ready”, wait for the vibration, and press “Emergency” above.
  7. Give everyone time to find the place.


Variations on This Game

One variation is to

  1. Let the victim start with the GPS turned off and ringer set to loud.
  2. When the victim sends the first message, let the victim set the phone to vibrate first.
  3. Give the other folks ten minutes to get to the place on the map in the text message.
  4. Then let that person text back to the person asking for the victim to turn on the GPS.
  5. Let the victim feel the vibration and turn on the GPS and send another message.


If the kidnapper hears the ring on the text message, the game is over.


The kidnapper and victim get back into the car and go to another place.

Very Important!!!

Nigerian Schoolgirl app available now!

Nigerian Schoolgirl app available now!

If someone violates any traffic laws or safety rules,
the game is over and the person guilty loses.


Also, when the victim is done with the game, remember to change all the information in the setup back so that if there is a real emergency, people won’t mistakenly think it’s just a game.

When more versions of this app come out with different models, consider setting one aside for games or simulated emergencies so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to reset the app every time you use it for a game.